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I met my soulmate, married him and got pregnant all in 9 days – Actress Rosie Mac | Latest Gists

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Actress Rosie Mac was single and a virgin six months ago, but out of the blues she met a man, got married to him following a whirlwind romance, and fell pregnant all in the space of just nine days.The 21-year-old actress always planned to stay celibate till marriage and she was vocal about her vow of no sex before marriage. Then she met Josh Breaks, 24. They had been in touch over Facebook, and when the pair learned they would be in California at the same time, they arranged to meet up.Rosie who shot to fame as a stunt double on Game of Thrones, standing in for Emilia Clarke as Daenerys, said:I know it was crazy. I’d never believed in love at first sight before, I thought I’d probably just settle. Then you meet someone and you just know.She added:I come from a gypsy heritage. My mum and grandma were celibate before marriage but it wasn’t because of my family.When I was around 14, I read articles about Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model, and thought it was incredible that she wanted to keep herself for her husband, and I stuck to it. Rosie is known for playing the lead role in the live action version of Little Mermaid, in 2016. She is also nurturing a singing and songwriting career.  In April, she travelled to Los Angeles to work on songwriting for Island Records. Rosie and Josh, who is also a songwriter, met up then. The attraction was so strong, they started talking about marriage three days later.Rosie recalled:We were at Santa Monica beach on the third day. It’s the most romantic scene.Josh said then that he knew I was going to be his wife. Then we started saying we should just do it!Six days later, on April 14, Rosie and Josh headed to a registry office and were joined in matrimony by a Mexican pastor. It was only Rosie, Josh, the pastor, and one witness hired by Rosie's agent. Rosie and Josh's wedding After the ceremony, Rosie called her parents Bev and Keith, who live in Marbella, Spain, and told them she was married. She said her mum freaked out at first but was later fine with it.  Saving herself for marriage was worth it, Rosie said.I’m so glad I waited. It sounds cheesy. So many times it would have been easy to do it before but I’m glad I waited.After the wedding, she returned to Spain, via a trip up to Scotland to meet Josh’s family, and was looking forward to a couple of auditions for movies. But she began falling sick, only to discover she was pregnant already.   Josh’s parents were still getting over the shock of their son getting married when they found out they would soon be grandparents.Rosie said:The first time I met his father, it was to tell them I’d married his son. The second time it was to tell them I was having a baby.They were shocked of course, but they’ve come round and his mum has given me his grandma’s ring.The pair have decided to name their son Zion when he's born in January. The post I met my soulmate, married him and got pregnant all in 9 days – Actress Rosie Mac appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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