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Freeze writes open letter to Patience Ozokwor who says weavons and wigs are dedicated to shrines in India | Latest Gists

Posted by on November 19, 2018 and categorized under Latest Gists

OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement, Daddy Feeze, has written an open letter to actress/Evangelist Patience Ozokwor, who in a recent interview said she doesn't wear wigs and weavons and even closed down her thriving salon because she was informed that the hair products are dedicated to shrines in India where they are mass produced. Ozokwor attributed the increasing rate of madness to the use of wigs.In his open letter, Freeze said he finds her comments hyprocrital. Read a portion of his open letter below Dear Aunty Patience,Please do not find this letter insulting, as that is not my intention, rather I’m seeking to clarify unattested fallacies that have germinated into full blown Christian doctrines. -I hold you in high esteem, as you remain one of my favorite Nollywood actresses.-However, due to the paucity of genuine pastors in Nigeria, most of us were schooled in both error and ignorance.-I was once a victim myself, before I became enlightened in both spirit and scripture. I once allowed someone whom today I find unfit to wash my car, guide me in matters of the spirit.-I was led in delusion, ensuing from the amalgamation of the deficit in my pastor’s understanding and the plethora of his greed.-Today, I have been given the mandate by God, to rescue Nigeria from his kind.-I find it hypocritical (pardon my use of the word, but I lack a better appellation to aptly portray what our faith has become), when Christians say things like: “weaves are dedicated to shrines”. Can you guarantee that the car you are driving and the clothes you are wearing were not dedicated to shrines? Are they from ‘christian’ sources?-If you understand the sign language of the occult like I do, you will realize that many banks, cosmetic, food, beverage and automotive conglomerates are deep in occultism, with their products dedicated to shrines. So if you stop wearing weaves are you going to also stop using toothpaste or bathing with soap as well?-As long as we continue being lazy Christians seeking blessings, these pagan shrines will continue to feed us.-Here is another angle, you stopped wearing weaves and closed your hair salon, but you are going to celebrate the birthday of Nimród on the 25th of December, a birthdate he shares with almost every single sun deity, and worship ‘Jesus’ on Sunday, the day of the worship of the sun god?-Then you will proceed to celebrate the resurrection of ‘Jesus’ on the day dedicated to the Babylonian goddess ‘Ishtar’, coincidentally aligning with ‘Eostre’ a goddess of the Saxons in honor of whom sacrifices were offered. Watch clip of Patience Ozokwor making the claims about wigs and weavons below      View this post on Instagram         Evangelist Patience Ozokwor speaks on wigs and weavons, says they are things dedicated to shrines. According to the actress, some people suddenly go mad because they are carrying things that belong to shrines. Agree or disagree?A post shared by LIB – Linda Ikeji Blog (@lindaikejiblog) on Nov 17, 2018 at 9:07am PSTThe post Freeze writes open letter to Patience Ozokwor who says weavons and wigs are dedicated to shrines in India appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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