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Defying time and space with love | News Updates

Posted by on November 3, 2018 and categorized under News Updates

Defying time and space with love

Maintaining an emotional relationship generally with a loved one is no piecemeal. It comes with it turns and hurdles. The hurdles and turns are peculiar if you are in a long distance relationship and it might not always be the most comforting or convenient romantic relationship. And even though we all know that absence, or as in this case, distance makes the heart grow fonder, don’t forget also that out of sight could be out of mind too. However, since the debate on which of the two positions is true remains inconclusive, our best bet would be to hold on to what you have, knowing that no relationship can thrive on auto drive anyway. We need to work at it as well as stay focussed and patient. I have gathered a few tips that might be of help if you are planning on starting a long distance relationship or have found yourself in one without a choice.

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